Proyectos EU / Internacional

AñoTítuloGrupo de investigación
2023Digital Modelling and Simulation for Design, Processing and Manufacturing of Advanced Materials (DiMAT)
2023Industrial Data Services for Quality Control in Smart Manufacturing (i4Q)https://www.i4q-project.euCIGIP
2023Smart Grading, Handling and Packaging Solutions for Soft and Deformable Products in Agile and Reconfigurable Lines (AGILEHAND)https://agilehand.euCIGIP
2023Urban Planning and Design Ready for 2030 (UP2030)
2022AI Driven Industrial Equipment Product Life Cycle Boosting Agility, Sustainability and Resilience (AIDEAS)https://aideas-project.euCIGIP
2022AI Powered Human-Centred Robot Interactions for Smart Manufacturing (AI-PRISM)https://aiprism.euCIGIP
2022Autonomous and Self-Organized Artificial Intelligent Orchestrator for a Greener Industry 4.0 (TALON)https://talon-project.euCIGIP
2022Fostering and Enabling AI, Data and Robotics Technologies for Supporting Human Workers in Harvesting Wild Food (FEROX)https://ferox.fbk.euCIGIP
2022Non-Destructive Inspection Services for Digitally Enhanced Zero Waste Manufacturing (ZDZW)https://www.zdzw-project.euCIGIP
2022Optimizing Production and Logistic Resources in The Time-Critical Bio Production Industries in Europe (CLARUS)https://www.clarus-project.euCIGIP
2022Social and Human Centered XR (SUN)https://www.sun-xr-project.euCIGIP
2021Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMES (DIH4CPS)https://dih4cps.euCIGIP
2021Secure and Privacy-Preserving Indoor Robotics for Healthcare Environments (RESPECT)https://project-respect.euCIGIP
2019Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform (ZDMP)https://www.zdmp.euCIGIP
2018Hybridization Technology & Human Knowledge (HYTEHK)https://www.hytehk.euTFM
2018Safe, Efficient and Integrated Indoor Robotic Fleet for Logistic Applications in Healthcare and Commercial Spaces (ENDORSE)
2018Virtual Factory Open Operating System (vf-OS)
2017Crop Diversification and Low-Input Farming Across Europe: From Practitioners Engagement and Ecosystems Services to Increased Revenues and Value Chain Organisation
2016Cloud Collaborative Manufacturing Networks (C2NET)
2016Enhancing and Implementing Knowledge Based ICT Solutions within High Risk and Uncertain Conditions for Agriculture Production Systems (RUC-APS)
2013Future Internet Technologies for Manufacturing (FITMAN)
2012Sistema Integral de Información sobre las Instituciones de Educación Superior de América Latina para el Arrea Común de Educación Superior con Europa (INFOACES) CIGIP
2009Innovation Through Design for a Competitive and Sustainable Society (PLANET-DESIGN) CIGIP
2009Resilient Multi-Plant Networks (REMPLANET)
2008Modelo de Transferencia de Prácticas de Gestión Integrada entre Aglomerados Productivos de Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas CIGIP
2006Interoperability Research for Networked Enterprises Applications and Software (INTEROP)CIGIPhttp://www.cigip.upv.esCIGIP
2004Global Performance Management for SMEs (GPM-SME) CIGIP
2003Extended Collaborative Selling Chain (ECOSELL)
2002Advanced Strategies and Tools for Virtual Supply Chain Management in Asian Environment (ASIA-VCHAIN) CIGIP
2002Unified Enterprise Modelling Language (UEML)
2018Academic System Resource Planning: A Fully-Automated Smart Campus (ASRP)
2005Simulation of the Continuous Casting, Rolling and Finishing Departments for the Optimization of Stocks Management and Production Scheduling (SIMUSTEEL)
1995Joint Project Between Asturias/Sarre a Regional Energy Planning
2023Engineering Excellence for the Mobility Value Chain (EE4M) - BAEPE
2018Urban Forest INNOVATION Lab- UFIL